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Friday, April 07, 2006
Regarding the previous post

Thanks for the messages of support, guys, but I think you all misunderstood. Firstly, I wasn't quite as pissed off as I made out. I'm perfectly willing to let people copy my shit, and I don't give a fuck if they get better grades than me. I mean, seriously, why would I treasure the grades given to me by a system so screwed up and indiscriminating that it isn't even able to recognize who really knows his stuff? In fact, I find it ironically amusing that we are all forced to go through such a system and that it largely determines our places in society. If I'm pissed off at anything, it would be the stupid system, except that there's no point in getting pissed off at something that isn't able to suffer the consequences of your wrath.

Anyway, the point of this post is that the point of the previous post was really to draw attention to the gaping vulnerabilities in the system that allow it to be so easily hacked. I personally couldn't care less about my grades, so long as I pass my exams. Yes, I, too, have come to resemble the system's ideal product. However, I plan to hack the system in my own unique way, as always. Although which system that may be remains to be seen.

Update: The thought occurred to me after writing this post that someone might think that I'm considering cracking into the school's system and changing my grades. Then I thought that, nah, no one could be that stupid. Then, upon further consideration of the mental capabilities of most of the people who read blogs, I came to the conclusion that, yah, some of you really are that stupid.

So here's a disclaimer: I am NOT about to engage in any illegal online activities, ok? So don't go reporting your suspicions of my intentions, thereby causing my suspension and your subsequent termination at my anterior physiological extensions, thank-you-very-much.
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