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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
"Artists"? Kiss my ass, you whores.

True artists work for themselves and for the love of their art. Poseurs work to be seen. Businessmen work to cash in. Some time ago, a friend and I were having a discussion about art and its value. See, she posted some pictures which she thought were artistic on her blog and was trying to do the no right-click thingy to prevent people from snagging the pictures. That's really lame (the right-click thingy, not my friend), by the way, because there's no way you can stop someone from snagging the pictures and even your HTML code. Why? Because what the webserver sends to you is HTML code, which is basically text. The browser is what interprets the text sent to the reader from the site and displays the information accordingly. The magic is in the text, you right-click-preventing geniuses, which the reader's browser has already downloaded. If the reader can see the picture, the picture already exists as a file somewhere on the reader's computer as well, and there's not a damned thing you can do to stop it. Just to show you how truly lame this type of script is, let me give everyone a big hint. To see how it's done, for M$IE users, click "View", and on the menu that appears, click "Source". Voila, all the inner workings of my blog, revealed to your eyes, including the Javascript written to prevent you from right-clicking.

Anyone who believes that the code he/she writes can somehow reach into another person's computer and prevent that person from doing something has got to be either naive or severely deluded. See, for this script thing to work, the reader has to allow Javascripts on his/her browser! So basically, your precious little protective script is just asking the browser for permission to disallow right-clicks. If you really want to disable right-clicks on someone's computer, write a worm to do it. Oh, but wait, that's illegal. Of course, if you know how to write a worm, you probably know a thing or two about escaping detection as well. Fine. Great. If that is the case for you, enjoy getting butt-fucked in jail when you eventually do get caught.

Right, where was I before I digressed? Ah yes, art. See, my friend was saying something like "you have to pay for art". I think it is sad when would-be artists think this way. It is symbolic of the times. What artists lose sight of these days is that creating art is not a real job. No one really needs art. Ah yes, I can already hear indignant arts fags saying that no one can put a price on art and that it is necessary to society, so there, yada yada yada. And I say to them, I can put a price on your art. You should be paying people to see it. Now, fuck off. Tell that bullshit to people starving in impoverished countries. Yeah, they really need your fucking precious art. Morons. Truly great art is priceless because it is born of vision and passion, whether or not the artist gets paid. Art used to be a hobby, done for the love of it rather than for money. At some point in time in the past, however, some artist got so talented that patrons paid him enough for him to devote himself to art full-time. That's great. If you truly have the talent and you love your art so much that you can use it to support yourself, that's fine. All power to you.

People have taken it too far, however. Parasites like managers and agents took over the artists' careers, putting a price on what should be beyond price. For artists with talent, that probably still worked out ok. The artist got to do what he loved. The patrons got to enjoy the pleasure that is derived only from admiring great art, and the bloodsucking scum got their money. A win-win-win situation, right? Not really. Poorer people no longer get to enjoy art when contributions became mandatory rather than voluntary. Still, at least the art is still being created, which is what's important at the end of the day, I guess. What happens when the artist dies or otherwise loses the ability or will to continue, though? Let's face it, true talent is rare. So what the parasites do is find some mediocre artist and convince everyone else that he is talented. Case in point, boybands. Things have gotten so out of hand that true artists, unless truly supremely talented (and perhaps not even then), have trouble making themselves seen and heard within the sea of mediocrity that surrounds them. Artists should be creative, but these bloodsucking bastards are not interested in that. They're interested in making money, and that means pandering to the mob. So even the least untalented ones invariably find that they have to compromise to survive. Take, for example, all the female stars who cut a good album or two, then resort to taking off their clothes to survive in the industry.

The problem is that the managers are more important and powerful than the talent these days. Talent has to bow to the tune of money, a situation which I consider truly fucking warped. Why should we have to pay for art? Tastes are subjective. I may not even like what I see or hear and I have to pay before I see or hear it? Absurd. Contributions to artists should be from people who appreciate the art. Similarly, artists should create art for the sake of love rather than for money, or they'd be whores rather than artists. These days, the best examples of true artists are open source software hackers rather than singers or actors. Any artist who isn't willing to let other people appreciate his art for free shouldn't be an artist.
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